Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nothing Says Love Like A Saw to the Neck

Ummm, can we say CPS? My babygirl is the leader in that picture. Taking charge with the saw????

The little girl next to Ava is really one of her sweetest friends. Even with a screwdriver in her hands she still manages to make it a "girly" activity. Her parents are good friends of mine. They have 2 little girls at home so their house is pretty full of estrogen. Here's a recent conversation they had.

Dad: You know, I love having 2 daughters. Really it's the best. But you know, I would love to have a son.

Mom: What do you mean?

Dad: Well, it would just be nice to go outside and play catch or something manly.

Mom: I bet Aubrey would love to go outside and play catch with you.

Dad: I don't know. She's pretty girly. Not sure if she'd be all that into it.

Mom: Are you kidding, she'd love to play with her Dad. Go ask her

Dad: "Aubrey, do you want to go outside and play football with me?"

Aubrey: "Sure Dadddy. Just hold on one minute while I run and get my princess ball"


  1. That is funny! My dad didn't have a son either, just two girls, and I know he wished sometimes that he had. He was kinda left out of a lot of the things we did, like shopping, make-up, Barbie's, baking cookies...Poor guy. My husband was super-stoked that we had a boy first, now I'm hoping for that little girl next time! I wanna re-live my childhood too! Waaaaaaa...

    Btw, I love the clothes for Max! I got them in the mail a few days ago. It is all really great quality and so cute! And thank you for the card. It was very sweet.

  2. Cute pictures! In my family, I think my daughter would also be the one wielding the saw in an unfeminine manner... :) She's a wild one, in her princess tiara and cowboy boots!

  3. Oh, I love it! As the Mom of two little boys, who regularly perform "surgery" on their stuffed animals, it's nice to see some little girls doing it too! Cheers!

  4. Ha Ha, the princess ball story is priceless, so cute!

  5. I love that your daughter has a princess ball. Who says princesses aren't sports fans? Love it!

  6. I am new to your blog, and I love the feel you bring to it:-). I would like to give you the "One Lovely Blog Award". Please come over and check it out

    Can't wait to see your future posts:-)

  7. Oh, I love that story!!!

    And maybe she'll grow up to be a doctor.......??? another little child already playing with the doctor kit?

  8. Cute! My daughter would be the one with the saw, too. :)

  9. There's an award for you on my blog! (Don't worry, you don't have to do anything with it, just know I enjoy your blog!)

  10. Oh that's so cute! Who needs a football when you have a princess ball anyway?