Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Must Blog

I must blog, must sit down at the computer. Surely I have something clever to say. Hello brain, are you there? No answer. Wait, the machine is picking up. "Hello, you've reached Michelle's brain. We're not in right now because we are too crowded with the millions of graphics that have recently been stored in our head. Not to mention the hundred's of checklists and to do's that have been compiled and stored for later reference. Michelle has so nicely decided to try and learn dreamweaver. Doesn't she know that's way too complicated for this simple mind to comprehend. She must be full of herself. Leave a message at the beep."

My name is Michelle and I am a graphics aholic. I just can't help myself. I'm involved in a heavy relationship with Photoshop and am having an affair with Dreamweaver. It's a complicated relationship to say the least. Our evenings are usually spent something like this:

ME: Why can't I insert a table here
Dreamweaver: Because you are a complete moron who is in over your head
ME: Stop messing with my borders
Dreamweaver: Stop messing with equipment you can't handle
ME: Why can't I just drag and drop
Dreamweaver: Because YOU are a drag
ME: Fine, I'm going over to Photoshop

Photoshop: No you can't create a text path like that
ME: Have you been talking to Dreamweaver?

Before long I start speaking in tongue. Things like, CSS, HTML, insert tag, remove tag, pixels,


It's enough to drive a girl crazy. I've hit myself over the head with a frying pan so much that I think the frying pan is starting to get it's feelings hurt.

Eventually I think I'm going to start a blog about html, graphics and such. Maybe call it Cracking the Code...cute name right? For whatever reason, people don't want to share information. It's like in order to be adopted into the club you have to drudge through the mud first. Not me, once I get this stuff figured out I'm starting a blog and sharing allll the secrets. Take that you graphic Nazi's!

Waddlers and Toddlers eBay has been given some great attention lately. Next post I'll go into more detail but I did want to recognize those who are visiting from the store. First, thanks so much for coming! I can see you all in my traffic reports so I know you're there. You can't hide! And 2nd, I promise to get to more of the goods, not just my rambling! As suggested by a fabulous customer who somehow thinks this blog is worth reading, I'll be placing a calender over there on the right of this blog that will list the schedule of sales. That way, if you miss a day at the blog you wont have to wonder if you missed a sale. I just listed tons of my fav's that I've been waiting to get up. Tons of Matilda Jane,..trust me they are adorable. My all time fav Baby Gap lines, Miss Mod, Northern Lights, Woodsy Treehouse, Crazy Stripes and Boho. Want to know what the fastest selling items have been.......LEG WARMERS. How adorable right. Little girls in their sweater dresses and leg warmers.

Now, I'm off to catch up in Blogworld. I've missed my blog friends and I must go see what their creative minds have been up to. Love you girls!


  1. Ooooohhh...your new graphics blog will be a dream come true for people like me! Love it, love it! As you know, I am computer clueless. I like the blog title, too. I used to work for a graphic designer and when we had to interview people for a position, he was impressed when people had mastered both programs. Kuddos to you!

    It was great to get to read another blog from you! I've missed you, friend! I love the idea about a sale calendar, too. That way I will feel guilty if I know there is a sale and I don't buy anything. Gotta shop sales, right?

  2. Oh, I love leg warmers! I had a great pair of purple ones when I was little. My daughter definitely needs some!

    Had to laugh at your conversations with your graphics programs...made me giggle! :)

  3. I have yet to figure out photoshop, I just don't have the patients I use to. The most I do with it is load and share my pics, I know sad right!

  4. Oh, yes! Please do the graphics thing, 'cuz there are lots of us out here in New Blogger Land who: a) Don't know what the hell we're doing, and b) Don't have time to figure it out. You'd be saving lives here. Well, maybe not lives, but at least our sanity. Cheers!

  5. Thanks for thinking of all of us nontech-savvy bloggers who need a boatload of help. I'm looking forward to the new blog.

  6. That would definitely be a cute blog name! Good luck battling technology. :)

  7. Oh, you're too funny about the graphics!
    I love those adobe programs, but I'm not so much of an expert.....lol......

    I've been struggling to catch up too! I finally started using Google Reader so I can keep track of everyone's blogs easier......and I've just finally caught up!!!

  8. You figure out the Dreamweaver then teach me, lol. Ugh, I downloaded a free week or two of it to see what I could do with it, and I totally got burned out after the first hour, lol. I feel your pain :)

  9. oh man. i can't do anything with that kind of stuff. my one friend did my header. my other friend does my buttons and other awards. i'm a wreck! found you from peeling an orange with a screwdriver and now following!

  10. Funny! You've got a lot on your plate- I hope you manage without going too nuts. Good luck :)

  11. LOL!!! It's SO great to see that other's obsessions deal with graphics, photoshop etc too! I loose much sleep over these too....Love your post!


  12. I laughed till I cried! Great post but my favorite is: Take that you graphic Nazi's!

    I must find some one to say that too soon!