Thursday, October 22, 2009

Never Take a Man to the Mall

The larger than life sized doors magically opened and we were greeted by a magical land. A land that had everything you didn't know you needed to offer.

The aroma. The smells that lingered in the air and gently kissed our cheeks. Aww,..the food court. The man who came up with the concept of a food court, genius. Pure genius. Where else can you get a sausage on a stick and a life sized chocolate chip cookie all under one roof.

There's a huge carousel in our mall. Hubby took our 2 kiddo's and our 5 year old niece for a ride. There was my magnificent hubby getting all 3 kids strapped to the horses. Maybe he's not too bad after all. I love that man. The carousel begins to turn and the painted horses begin galloping up and down. I soaked up all the sights and sounds.

There they come,...rounding the corner. Wave to Mommy.

There they come again. Some thing's different this time. Why is the carousel attendant on the ride with my hubby and kiddo's?

There they come again. Why is hubby getting up on a horse leaving little man in the arms of a stranger?

This woman was absolutely crazy. I'm talking certifiably crazy. She had taken some kind of liking to little man while they were in line and apparently she couldn't keep herself away from him. Apparently she had 17 grand children and a 12 year old son still at home. How is that even possible?

By the end of the day, hubby and I had gotten into several arguments. Who was suppose to get the high chair at the food court. Why did you let crazy lady hold little man while you rode a horse? The kids want balloon animals, they're only $2.00. Stop looking so miserable! Can't we just stop into Banana Republic real quick since they're having a sale. It's your turn to take the kids for a potty break. Who has the car keys,'s time to go!

The mall is no place for a man.


  1. Whenever my husband goes to Hobby Lobby with me, he shuffles around like a little kid and whines. "Are you almost done?" "Can we go now?" It's horrible. So, I just don't take him anymore. It ruins my good time! I already have one little boy. I don't need two! (I need a little girl! But, that's a different story altogether!)

    Glad to read a post from you! Have missed you, my friend!

  2. As a man and as I SAHD I feel that it is my duty to step up for the men who get ripped on women's blogs.
    Ahem: Crazy ladies make great babysitters, I find that thier mood alternating drugs work great as nap time helpers.

  3. that was a bit scary... we often go to malls during weekends and many people loves to see my adorable daughter but i never let any stranger come close to may angel. Your husband should be more careful next time.