Monday, September 14, 2009

Mamas Let Out of Their Cage

It was a Wednesday night. Getting late in the evening and heading over to a girlfriend's house in the rain. A friend had come to my rescue. You see, I HAD to get my hair done. It's all I have. My closet is sad. It bears no resemblance to the closet I had in my 20's. I can't even tell you without humiliating myself what kind of money I use to drop on my wardrobe. I was one trendy chick. In it's place is a mixture of clothing in sizes 2-12, depending on when I was pregnant last and how successful I had been at losing the "baby" weight. Confession, I gained 80 lbs with baby #1. Who does that? It took me over a year to lose it. Anyway, the hair is all I have left. I have a pretty fantastic hair do and it somehow makes even the jumpsuits I wear look good.

So in a desperate plea, I called my girlfriend and begged her to watch the kiddo's. I have a friend who once said, "Trying to get your husband or anyone else to watch the kids is like having to call the National Guard." So true.

This is how our out of control night began. Mommas on the lose.

After my fantastic and oh so magical hair appt, I went to pick up the kiddo's. The girlfriend's offered me a glass of wine which I politely accepted. Cut to 15 minutes later and we decided, no, were determined to go out. Husband's began getting home and wife's began telling them,

WIVES: "Here's the kids. We're going out. Every one's been fed so all you have to do is put them to bed."
HUSBANDS: "Tonight? It's a Wednesday night? What do you mean put the kids to bed?"
WIVES: "Yes, you remember. Put on their pj's and place them in the covers."
HUSBANDS: "What time will you be back"
WIVES: "I have no idea. Don't wait up"
HUSBANDS: looking panicked
WIVES: looking relieved

So we went to a bar only about a 5 minute drive from our house. This was one fancy bar. It was in the same parking lot as a "Loves" gas station. That's how we ride. Nothing but the best for us. We didn't care. It was close and cheap. It had been over 3 years since the 3 of us even went out together. The bonus of this luxurious bar, was KARAOKE night.

Give 3 tired Mommas a bunch of booze and a free microphone and what do you get?

Next thing I knew we were singing like no one could hear. Singing every kind of song that we had ever heard in our 30 plus years. The Karaoke host coined one of the Mom's as The PTA singer. It was us singing like we were 20 again. Demanding the stage. Me in my flip flops, denim capri and t-shirt singing Madonna's "Material Girl." We were all stars in our own right. For one night only, we weren't Mommas but beautiful songstresses blessing the crowd with our talent. I guess I should mention the "crowd" was only about 3 other tables. It's a small bar in a small town for pete's sake. That was probably their "busy" night.

We found ourselves onstage singing the ever popular "I Touch Myself." All 3 of us in all our glory doing something that only alcohol would have allowed. We followed that up with "I'm a B**ch" and of course every song from the movie "Grease."

The night was over but apparently I wasn't quite ready to rejoin the land of the sober as I decided to take the stage one more time. That's right. Karaoke king was putting away his equipment and the bar was closing. But not before I had to take it a step further. I took that stage, grabbed the mic and rocked it accapella. Out of all songs, I chose to sing "Smile." A favorite of mine. Not sure it was all that appropriate for a bar but there I was belting it out in all it's glory.

Needless to say the night ended with a good cry because that's how all girl night's end and off to bed to be ready for Mommy hood the next morning. The next 2 days were slow and foggy but I think I pulled it off ok. Kids are happy and fed and Mommy had a fantastic time. I think we made up for all the nights we hadn't gone out and it should last us for a long time.....

....We're going back this Wednesday but bringing more girls with us! be cont'd.


  1. You Go Girl!! Sounds like a rousing night!

  2. I love the song, "Smile". Good ole Nat King Cole.

    Your 20's wardrobe sounds like mine. I was a manager for the clothing store Express for 6 years in my twenties, so I spent WAY WAY WAY too much money on clothes. I had things I never took the tags off of. Now, my wardrobe consists of Target and Old Navy, nothing fits right, and everything is faded. I work at a hairsalon on the weekends right now and thank goodness I get my hair done for free because it's all I got now too! I've always loved my hair (I'm a Leo, after all) and liked to wear it long. I've had it dyed red twice, dark brown once, but I always eventually go back to blonde. It's been short and long, permed and straight. I'm surprised it hasn't fallen out of my head yet.

    Sounds like a dream, by the way. Goin' out with the girls!! A dream!! Love it!

  3. I am cracking up! I found your blog while I was ebay stalking for my daughter who already has so many clothes she hasn't even worn yet, but I can't stop looking. Saw your ebay store, saw you had a blog. You are hilarious! thanks for the laugh!! :)

  4. Yeah,..Welcome to the family! Thanks for stopping in.