Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bloggers, can you do me a favor?

These are the questions I am asked on a weekly basis, sometimes more.

What is blogging. What's the point? It seems like it would take a lot of time. Do you make money from a blog? How do you get followers, who do you follow?

People are so intrigued by it even if they really don't know what "blogging" is. So I'm going to try and explain it. I'm going to explain it through my eyes and how I see it.

Blogging in my opinion is new age letter writing. Remember back to a time when people actually wrote letters. We put our precious thoughts down on paper and sealed them with a stamp. Some might say that email is the new form of letter writing. I disagree. How often do you spill all your thoughts into an email. How often do you pour out emotion in a written form on a regular basis?

Blogging is a snapshot into a life. It's a glimpse at some one's struggles or success. When you read some one's story long enough you find compassion and empathy for another. I love to visit other Mommy bloggers. You are immediately met with an impression as soon as you enter their town in blogworld. With their headers, graphics and sometimes music they have selected to play.

Everyone wants to be heard. No, everyone needs to be heard. I think this is one of the reasons why I enjoy other blogs so much. I am inspired by others putting their words on "paper." They have something to say, even if it's small. That's why I admire bloggers. We all feel at times that we have nothing important to offer. It's just little ol me. But the blogger who may feel that sometimes still believes in themselves enough to have the courage to put there words out there. I am honored to surround myself with some fantastic people. Their stories inspire and change me. Even if they don't know it.

So why do I blog? Quite simply, to see my thoughts in front of me. To have them written down. Life is a bunch of moments all rolled into one. These are my moments. To connect to thoughts and opinions of others that I may have never considered before. The more I read, the more I write, the more I realize that this world we live in really is filled with caring, honest and good people. That we are way more alike than we ever thought possible. To share the good, the bad and have fun along the way. I'm not concerned if money will be produced because of this blog. I'm not concerned with getting the most followers, although I adore you all! I am a FIRM believer that if you focus on your passion, focus on your strengths instead of weakness, the money will follow. It almost always does.

So if you are inclined to blog, than just go for it! See where it takes you. Come get me and I'll read your journey along with you.

Now I know I didn't answer all the questions specifically. I promise I'll be more technical later but tonight I wanted to share what it is I get from blogging.

Oh, I do have a favor, thus my title. For all my blog followers. If you currently have a blog can you please add your link to your profile. What I mean is, if I go click on your icon your link to your blog should come up. It's usually the first place I go when I'm catching up my blog reading. Many, many of you don't have your link there. I want to be sure to visit yours first. It's easy, just go do it!!!

Talk Soon,


  1. This is a good post... I really don't tell anyone I blog. It's not something anyone really gets, unless they do it. Telling my husband about it was met with a dumbfounded expression, until he started reading it. I think he gets it now, or maybe he just likes the "why I love my husband" posts. ;)

    I'm a wannabe-writer with a novel in the works and three children make it tricky to sit down and concentrate for long periods of time. Writing in my blog satisfies my need to put words down and still leaves me aware of what my children are doing...

    And I love the people I "met" blogging. I had a blog for several years at livejournal but felt like I was getting too pitiful and whiny, so I started fresh, but I met some special people over there that I will forever keep in touch with and even in the short amount of time I've been on Blogger, I've met some great people that I hope I keep learning more about. (Like you! :)) Blogging makes the world a little smaller and definitely a lot friendlier.

  2. Such a great post. I have to admit I started blogging to help my business to get more people to visit my site. It has evolved from that to just enjoying the writing. I am one of the worst writers and I know it. I have so met many people through blogging that are truly amazing writers and people. I started following you about a week ago and I am glad that I have..

  3. Well said Michelle!!! I think there are all sorts of reasons people blog...some are for personal reasons...others for business...but all with the common goal of social networking!!! I mean look @ your subscribed followers...70 people tune in to your blog! I can't even get my 1 husband & 3 children to tune in LMBO!!! I would love to hear you blog about tips to getting so many people to notice your blog & subscribe ( that is if you are taking rquests :P )

  4. I loved your post! I started blogging because after I had my son, I either didn't have time or was too exhausted to write in my journals. Typing in a blog is faster. I have kept journals for over 20 years. NOw, I have my online journal. It is more diluted than my written journals, since it is on the internet, but that's okay. I love to write and get my thoughts out. Blogging makes the small events in my small life seem big.

    And I've met so many great women, like you!

    I'm not sure if my link is on my profile, nor do I know how to fix it if it's not, but I'll take a whack at it!

  5. I just love to write, and blogging satisfies this need. I also like having a voice that some people like to hear. It's uplifting. Also, I love making new friends all around the world. I'm glad you brought up this question.

  6. I feel like my blog is an online journal, with feedback! I literally ask my journal things as I work through my thoughts, a blog is great because you can find people who might be going through something similar, and you know you're not alone.

  7. What a great post! You said things that I had never thought of before. I feel like blogging adds so much to my life! I am so much more creative when I am blogging and at least two to three levels happier all the time, because it distracts my everyday thinking, and gives me something positive to think of. It's just fun! What's even better is that there are people like you that love it as much as I do! High five! ;)