Friday, August 28, 2009

"Hello Maternal Instinct, Where are you?"

I recently spent the week with 2 extra kiddo's in the house. Wonderful neighbor of mine watched mine while I was working a couple weeks back so I returned the favor and watched hers while she was working. Here's what I learned while having 4 kids under the age of 4!

  • Never feed 4 kids who aren't the best with utensils, rice. I was trying to be all Martha Stewart like and actually cook lunch. Now I'm wondering what was I thinking as I try to sweep soft, gooey rice off the floor. Have you ever tried that, doesn't work. Should have gone with the lunchables.
  • Never ask a 4 year old tomboy, "What's in your box?" It's always a "pet" cricket that decides to jump right at you while you're holding a 9 month old. Of course I sacrificed the 9 month old,..that's who I am.
  • 1 monster energy drink a day just isn't enough.
  • The next door neighbors are putting in a pool today. I swear they're laughing at me saying, "Look at our pool. We are so much cooler than you. By the way, you have vomit on your boob."
  • Maybe I'm not as maternal as I once thought I was. These kids are really getting on my nerves. "No, you can't put that dog collar around your neck while being pulled by a leash." Tomboy replies, "Roof Roof, my name is Rusty and I wont answer to Megan. Now take me for a walk you moron!"
  • I'm too lazy to load 4 kids in the car to head to the park so I insisit we can't go b/c it might rain. I don't really think they're falling for it. Maybe I'll blame it on the swine flu.


  1. This post worries me because we are surprising you with a visit in the spring and part of that surprise visit is for us to leave our two kids with you while we go elsewhere. Will it help if we provide the leash and don't judge the boob-vomit?

  2. As long as you show up with boob vomit too I think we'll be ok. I'll just put little hoss in charge and strap bubba hoss to my pant leg. Better yet, I'll put little hoss and Julian into a ring and watch baby wrestling. Can you imagine those two?

  3. After I had Max, I realized that I am definitely not as maternal as I thought I was when I wasn't a mommy. Where is all that patience I thought I would have? Where are all those instincts? Shouldn't they have kicked in by now? Instead, I am sitting here listening to my son beat the sides of his crib and bang on the wall when he is supposed to be napping and I am getting used to not knowing what to do. Somehow, my husband got the maternal instints...not fair...

  4. Don't you love the social skills of a 4 year old? I would love for someone to ask to me a question and just once in return instead of answering just stare back and say NOTHING.