Monday, August 3, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8

I'm about to get to Jon and Kate but need to do some updates first!

Thank you to all who ordered the squeaky shoes! The sale was a huge success and it was wonderful meeting all the new customers and great talking to my returning customers! Let me know how your waddlers and toddlers enjoy the shoes! I'll be posting a video soon of my own waddler in his squeaky shoes soon! Today is the last day of the sale so get shopping if you haven't already!

Also, our blogger friend Mod Mami is throwing a 50% off sale over at her store! What are Monday's for other than shopping!

Now on to Jon and Kate plus 8 minus Jon. Who's watching the season premier tonight??? Whatever your opinions are, you still find yourself watching it? They've been controversial lately and there is so much written about them but I still can't help myself but to watch! Do I care about the kids,..of course! But it's like a train wreck that I just can't turn away from. I use to feel very sorry for Jon. Although I always thought he only had himself to blame for his roll in the relationship with Kate. I always gave Kate credit and leniency for the way she treated Jon. I thought perhaps Jon "needed" the "nagging" in order to get his bum in gear but it always made me want to run and hide when she would belittle and berate him. But with Jon's recent behavior the sympathy is definitely dwindling. At the very least, could this man wait to date until the dust settles?? I mean,..really! What about dating Hailey Glassman? Does anyone else find that a little creepy? The daughter of the doctor who did your wife's surgery? How old was she when they first met? She must have still been in high school!

If you plan on watching, come back after the show airs and let me know what you thought! I'm in the mood to have some good old fashion Hollywood Gossip!


  1. Yes, I will be watching! I was on the other side...I have felt sorry for Kate. Jon always seemed to be immature and disconnected to me. I'd probably be a nag, too if I had been married to him. Now, he really needs a swift kick in the ass. There is no way that little girl he is dating is going to be ready to be a step-mom to eight children! Give me a break!

  2. I watched and will continue to watch. It was nice to see Kate spending quality time with the kids and she has definitely changed. No real worrying about how messy the 'smores were. She just let them have fun--showers came later, which I found understandable. I think so far she is doing a good job as we don't see her nearly as much in the headlines as we do Jon. When we do, she is with the kids. I hope the show continues to focus on the kids and less on Jon's social life.

  3. It was nice to see Kate spending time with the kiddos. You have to give her props for trying to stay "above" it all. I do have to say I was irritated with Jon within the first 5 minutes of the show. But on the flip side I grimmaced for Kate when she was making fun of Jon with the under the counter fridge thing. I'm sure I do that all the time with my husband and it would kill me to watch it! Not sure how she's keeping it all together and I could only hope I would be strong for my own kiddo's if I ever found myself in a divorce situation.

  4. I didn't watch but am an avid reader of Star magazine which has been covering the story with a vengence. I did watch up until now, but I just cannot watch the train wreck any longer (which is not to say that if I didn't run accross it this weekend as a rerun I wouldn't watch...I mean, c'mon). Its a little depressing and Jon is such a, well you know. Its hard enough to go through your parent's divorce, but watching your dad go through woman after woman? Its almost child abuse.

  5. I wasn't going to watch..... but did. UGH. I wish I could not watch. The kids seem so old to me suddenly! They are too cute and remind me of my newly 5 year old!

  6. I never really got into the show, but I'm sure I'll read the updates on what happens later this week. It's hard not to wonder what's going to happen!