Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Paper Planes and Wishes

I'm in a sentimental mood today so forgive the sappiness that is about to begin!

We are currently getting ready to put our house on the market and the search for a new home has begun. In my heart of all hearts, I have a vision of the home with the white picket fence, big front porch and hardwood floors. A craftsman style home that was built in the 1920's where the street is lined with trees. We live in a beautiful home now but we actually want to downsize. I know that sounds odd but I believe in living life simple. We have over 2800 square feet and only use the family room and kitchen. To be honest, we would all just rather be together in the same room. I often daydream of having Christmas around the fireplace in a cozy living room. A living room that has been around for over 80 years where families before mine have created their own memories. I daydream about a time where you could knock on your neighbors door and borrow some sugar or where the women in the neighborhood share coffee at brunch. Where I could walk my children down the block to the local stores to meet the shop owners and soak up the flavor. My problem, this house seems impossible to find. Here's a photo of a house that is about an hour from where we currently live that I would absolutely love to live in.

The problem is, most of the houses in our area that are historic with all the charm I so desire are not in the best neighborhoods or have the best school district. Where is a girl to find this home!

I am sure my visions of what I wanted when I grew up started very early on. From the movies I romanticised and the books that I read. I often wonder what my own daughter wishes for. Today we made over 15 paper planes and I have to tell you there was something so special about it. She was amazed how Mommy could fold each one differently and magically make them fly. We placed all her magical paper planes in a bowl and I told her for each one that flew, she could make a wish. We called it our Paper Planes and Wishes.

I am absolutely crazy for Christmas and around August every year I start to get very ancy for the holidays. I kid you not, I have a binder full of holiday ideas, projects, and decorations that I pull out every August to start planning the holiday season. I am the crazy neighbor that puts up her decorations in November. Even when I was 8 months pregnant you could find me outside with a hammer and life size candy canes decorating our front sidewalk. This year in honor of the holiday season and the joy it brings, we will be having a Christmas in August sale for our blog readers only. Details soon to follow! Here are my 2 favorite Christmas Songs below to help get you in the spirit!


  1. Good luck finding your dream home! I hope you find exactly what you want!

  2. My heart is with you as I have the same wishes for my (our) dream home. We've been in a cramped 2 bedroom 2 bath condo for nearly 4 years now and have 6 people in here with toys and business stuff galore. Running out of space fast. No luck in selling as we owe more than its worth so my heart hangs heavily in the desire for a home for ourselves. I pray that you find the home of your dreams. You will.

    PS: who did your ebay store template. Gorgeous!

  3. We are more alike than I thought! Your idea of a dream town is my idea of a dream town, I've always wanted a white picket fence, I've always wanted to have morning coffee with my lady neighbors, and I am an absolute FREAK FOR CHRISTMAS!!! My husband thinks I am crazy every year because I get the Christmas itch as soon as my birthday is over in August. I always put up my Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and I'd put it up sooner if he'd let me! I get super excited about coffee, too. My fav Christmas songs are "White Christmas" when Bing Crosby sings it in the movie "Holiday Inn" and "I'll Be Home for Christmas" when Judy Garland sings it in "Meet Me in St. Louis." The ironic thing is that I married a man who grew up not celebrating Christmas. He's had a lot to get used to!

    And, I used to go to Dogpatch every summer! One year, my sister and I got our picture taken with Daisy Mae, Lil Abner and Shmoo. We were stoked! Remember riding the tram up the hill to get to Dogpatch?

    Also, I meant to tell you that I was pregnant with Max when I went to see the Indigo Girls, too.

    Paper planes and wishes is a cute idea!

  4. Adry-thanks for visiting the eBay store! A lady name Roelina who owns "Design by the Pixel" did it custom for me. She was fantastic!!

  5. I love your description of your dream home! And I am the exact same way about Christmas!!!

    Thanks for your wonderful comment over at my place! You made my day!!!

  6. I feel the same way about my house! We have a large kitchen and family room, and I find we don't "live" anywhere else in the house! Good luck on the house search. I believe there's a "right" house for every buyer.

    Just found your blog through MBC! It's so adorable! Looking forward to reading more from you. ;)

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  8. following you now, too!
    Hey- two quick things in common- I am also an Aries and am also putting my house on the market and getting a new one. You kind of described what we just looked at and are considering, BUT it doesn't have a fireplace. Almost perfect otherwise, but what in the world will Santa do? (Speaking of Christmas in August!) That pic of the house you posted is so charming. Here's to these Aries mama's finding the perfect house!
    Please come back and visit my Mud Mama blog anytime! :)

  9. Thanks for following my site. I'm returning the favor! I love the template you have on your blog and the Paper Plane Wishes idea.

  10. I really hope you find your dream home. I live in a neighborhood like you describe (the houses are newish and very subdivisionish but the women share coffee and sugar and know everyone's kids). I too have my dream house in my mind for when the market turns around, and my thoughts are with your family. I really hope your dreams come true.

  11. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  12. I'm right there with ya- I LOVE that house, so beautiful!