Tuesday, August 4, 2009

eBay Up In Smokes!

For the first time ever, I actually have flowers in the garden that I can pull on a weekly basis to grace my house! They sit on the kitchen island between last nights dinner, a few sippy cups, an old bottle and some other random things. Somehow the flowers make even the stuck on goo of the pans look good. I have always wanted to have fresh flowers. Somehow I imagined that if I could only get the fresh flowers like Martha says, all would be right with the world. We all have that one thing. Maybe yours is waking up to actual clean clothes to choose from, maybe it's a crisp pillow case or something else. The fresh flowers have always been my go to "blame the inanimate object" choice. The kids aren't behaving, it's because I don't have any fresh flowers and they have finally realized they drew the short stick when Moms were being handed out. But I digress. I am a huge eBay shopper. It's usually the first place I go when I need anything. I needed a bud vase to put my freshly picked flowers in. The bud vase would really complete the picture here. If I only had a bud vase my dream of being a mother who is actually put together would come true. My entire existence rests upon finding a bud vase. I somehow feel fancier needing a bud vase! Honestly, I just like saying bud vase. Who else besides Martha would ever wake up in the morning and say, "Gee, I really think those flowers would look lovely in a bud vase." So as I was shopping on eBay I came across this listing:

I immediately realized how ridiculous I was for needing a bud vase and put the flowers in a glass.

I am half tempted to ask the seller if the Marlboro's come with the vase? Do they cost extra? How old are they? Have they been opened? This seller is serious. He's not trying to pass off the lights, we're talking straight up mediums here. These are the "reds" for goodness sakes. What had to be going through their mind when they made that decision. Let's see, I could use a dollar bill, maybe a glass,...no I think I'll use my Marlboro's. Yeah, that's it. Perfect. Bud Vase...Malboro's....not an oxymoron at all.

Here's to you and whatever your "bud vase" is!


  1. I would pay extra and simply put a fresh cigarette in the bud vase every day to freshen my home. Screw the flowers.

  2. My thing that would make the world right would be a new bathroom. A little more expensive than a bud vase, but I'm dreaming big. My bathtub is old, porous and stained (from my husband pouring floor stain in it!), so it always looks dirty. We have an old house and there is a window with a wooden frame in the shower! So, naturally, the wood is rotting and people can see me. Ick!

    Also, thank you for your offer to help me with my blog! I appreciate it sooo much. Really, I do. My header is a pic of my sister and I when we were kids and I just uploaded it from my computer to the blogspot template. That is about the extent of my techno abilities!

    What I would like is a picture/drawing/cartoon of a woman from a different era, like 1920's-50's (kind of like the picture on Nanny Deprived's blog - I love that pic!), shaking out her tablecloth after supper. It could be humorous or not, I just don't know where to find something like that. I also like yellows and oranges and greens and my site doesn't reflect that at all. Any advice would be WONDERFUL. I'm lost!

    And my husband taking naps everyday is totally freaking me out, too!!

  3. I love the button!! You can keep it blue. I like blue and orange!! Now what do I do to get it to my page?

  4. AMO---I'll email you the code and directions!

  5. O.K. So, this is too funny. I've sold items on eBay for 5 years now, maybe more and people just don't think! Or maybe they are trying to generate talk about their items and know negative or positive that this photo would generate some strong emotions or opinions about it.

  6. Holly, I know it was too funny. It definately caught my attention in the over 700 vase's listed. It ended with no bids and they started it over with a lower start price....I think they'd have better luck just auctioning off the "smokes!"

  7. Hi there, I am new here and this is my "very first" blog that I have ever followed!
    Dawn JAck

  8. Yeah Dawn, you're here!!! I even see you uploading a profile pic. You'll be a professional at the blog thing at no time!! Thanks for joining us and enjoy your stay!