Friday, August 21, 2009

Details are in! 50% off our eBay store!

For 2 days only everything in our eBay store will be 50% off. This is a private sale that is only available to blog followers. All items will be marked at regular price. Only you will know it is available for 50% off. Remember eBay is a competitive place. As soon as you have made your selections let me know quickly as many items at our eBay store are not available in duplicate quantities.

WHEN: August 24th-25th

WHERE: Waddlers and Toddlers eBay Store


  • You must follow our blog to participate. To do this, just click the "follow" icon to the left.

  • Copy either the item title or item number of the listing you would like

  • Starting Monday the 24th, I will create a post for the sale. You may either comment there with the information of the item you would like or email me at

  • For those that prefer to call, you may do so at 469-261-0555

  • For combined purchases you will pay the highest shipping cost plus an additional .70 cents per purchase.

  • All orders over $50 are shipped for free.

  • Sale is for apparel only; that includes adult clothing as well.

  • Sale ends exactly at midnight on the 25th.


  1. lovely blog! Follow you back from MBC :)

  2. Christmas in August sounds great! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I am your most recent follower! :)

  3. thanks for stopping by!! omg, i'm SO glad the toddler days are behind me. it was hard! but now my kiddo is a tween, new challenges!

  4. How exciting! Hope the sale goes great for you!

  5. I will advertise the sale for you on my page. Can't wait to look through all the clothes!

  6. Thanks Amo! Hope your party is going well!

  7. hey Michelle, thanks for checking my blog! I'm following you as well......