Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Have you ever known a secret that you weren't sure if you should share or not? Say it's a secret about your friend's husband that she doesn't know. What if you knew it was something that you're friend would not approve of. Would you tell her?

What factors would motivate your decision? How about a cheating husband? Would that warrant a reason for telling your friend? What if it were drugs? Would you then tell your friend?

Typically I'm of the mind set that it's none of my business and to stay out of it. How do you really know what is going on in someones marriage. Maybe the wife already knows? Maybe she's choosing to live with it? Maybe she's not ready to deal with it and maybe she's in denial. However, as of late I have found myself confronted with a situation that makes me re-think my once strong opinion. I have chosen not to share the juicy gossip here but I think back on a situation that happened to a friend of mine.

I have a very close friend that did find out her best friend's husband was cheating on her. So she told her best friend that her husband was having an affair. Well, the result was something bad. The best friend denied the possibility that this "secret" could even be true. For added salt to the wound, the best friend was pregnant. It got much worse before it got better. The girls had been best friends since birth and their families were very close. Eventually the two got back to normal but the best friend never believed her husband was having an affair and the cheating husband adamantly denied any such affair. Now the cheating husband and the friend are never around one another. It's awkward and the relationship in that aspect has changed. Is this a case of shooting the messenger? Is it always a case of shooting the messenger? Will a woman always choose to overlook the obvious truth of a trusted best friend and believe the man?

Are you a hero or villain for telling the truth?


  1. If one of my friends knew something, I would surely want to know and I would definitely believe them! That's sad how the story with your friend turned out...

  2. Hero for sure. Especially if you have proof, not just hearsay. I would believe my friend to a point. I'd want pictures or at least a sneak peek at the broad with my hubby. Once I had evidence, I would definitely bring it before my hubby with my friend as a witness and watch him melt under the pressure. Proof does much more than just words. So if my friend knew something I'd hope she'd do her due diligence to make sure that she didn't turn out to be a liar or at the very least a homewrecker. So me? I would tell - definitely but I'd bust out my investigative tools to make sure I wasn't the fool bringing it up for the man to just deny it and put my friend in the middle of "do I believe her? Or my man?"