Thursday, July 9, 2009

Behind The Scenes

Who am I? Where do I even begin to answer that question. Have you ever tried to describe yourself and a million different descriptions come to mind? I suppose it's better than drawing a blank, right? My name is Michelle and I'm the owner of Waddlers and Toddlers,...and the store. My first waddler/toddler is Ava and is 4. She's sensitive and flirty but above else, she is a princess. She's methodical and bright. My youngest waddler/toddler is Julian and is 18 mths old. He is complete trouble. The mischievous kind of trouble. The sort of trouble that wears a charming grin so is allowed to get away with absolute murder! I'm sure you've met us. We're the ones' at Target making all the noise while you're thinking, "Can't that Mom control her children?" Both have the curliest brown hair and dimples, the perfect combination.

My husband Juan and I have been married for 6 years now. We are absolute dreamers in every sense of the word. Always thinking of the next "big" idea and how to achieve it. We thrive on change. We like to inspire but even more to be inspired. My husband proposed while we were riding on a ski lift in Colorado and by the next week we had eloped! Romantic doesn't even begin to describe it.

Everyone has a story and this is probably where I am most passionate. I love to connect with people and hear their individual stories and what makes them who they are. I find it so interesting and the best way to learn. Since opening my store in April 2008, I have gotten the opportunity to meet so many of my customers and share parts of their lives. I adore other Mother's and feel a real sense of obligation to help my fellow Momma's out.

The store began as a creative outlet I so needed since deciding to stay home with my kids. I needed to be good at something besides Motherhood. Of course Motherhood is rewarding, that goes without saying. But I needed to identify myself in other ways. So I dug deep, tried to believe in myself and thus was born "Waddlers and Toddlers."

Enjoy your stay here and thanks for dropping by!


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