Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fall Preview

We will soon be adding Bella Nova Boutique squeaky shoes to our store!! We couldn't be more excited about these shoes. You will instantly fall in love as we did. They are available in many colors and sizes 3-12.
Here's a note from the designer herself:
"My daughter Sarah was barely over a year old when someone left our front door open. As most parents know, this can cause unthinkable tragedy! Fortunately, Sarah was wearing her squeaky shoes. As I was preparing breakfast in the kitchen I suddenly noticed that her "squeaks" were growing faint. It immediately alerted me. I follow the sound to discover my daughter was about to hit the side walk of our busy corner street. Her "squeaks" that day may have saved her life.A few months later Bella was born. Bella required physical therapy due to "low tone" from the time she was 4 months old until she was almost 2. When Bella began to pull up she was already almost 18 months old. Squeaky shoes gave her that reward and encouragement to take those first few steps and keep trying. The sound of the "squeak" urged her to get back up after falling repeatedly. In just a month she was able to build up enough strength to begin to walk on her own. Shortly after, she was released from physical therapy."

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