Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Craigslist Crazies

Being the thrifty shopper that I am I'm always on Craigslist. So today I thought it'd be fun to share some of the bizarre postings on there.

Here we go:

need someone to hide easter eggs in my apt when im not home !

need someone to hide easter eggs in my apt when i am not there ! they are small and filled with candy ! i would like to find them myself on sunday ! i am willing to pay ! serious inquiries only !

I need someone to dry my placenta

I know this is the weirdest Craigslist ad ever... I am due in June. I have read a lot about how great for your health it is to eat your placenta (after all, most mammals, even vegetarians, do this). Unfortunately I don't have a strong enough stomach to just eat it, so it was recommended to me that I dry it out in a food dehydrator, put it in a coffee grinder, and put it in capsules to take daily. Again, I just don't have the stomach (and may not have the energy after birth to do this.) What I need is someone who is reliable...someone who has given birth or watched a birth, knows what a placenta looks/smells like/etc, who is 100% comfortable handling something like this. I have read that it can take up to 10 hours of work. Please e-mail me why you would be willing to do this and how much you would charge. Please no stupid e-mails.

Nitpicker wanted

The Hair Whisperers Lice Removal service is looking for someone based in San Fransisco to remove lice and eggs from people infected with lice. Qualified candidates should have valid driver's license, great close up eyesight, feel comfortable going into people's homes, be personable, good with children, and extremely detailed oriented. Squeamish people need not apply. A good sense of humor a plus! A background check is required, and references will be checked as well. To be considered, all applicants must include where they live, and what times and days they are available. Travel is not paid for. No Weekend Only please. Driving is a large part of this job, and the longer you are willing to drive, the more you will work. Driving is unpaid. You can set your own hours, and choose when you work, but should be available at least a few hours every day. No 9-5-ers looking to start work at 6 pm, as children often go to sleep at 8. We will train qualified applicants. This is an independent contractor position. Training is in Los Angeles. Training and travel to Los Angeles is unpaid and can take anywhere from five to ten hours. This job would be for supplemental income. Great job for stay at home moms looking to make extra money.


  1. wow...there are some crazy crazies out there, huh?

  2. Hmm...when you read stuff like that, you never know if the person is just bored, or really is a bit crazy!