Monday, July 20, 2009

London Bridges Falling Down

I desperately needed a shower this morning which is a luxury in my home. So I did what all Mother's of small children do, locked them in my bedroom with me and turned on "The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." As I was getting ready for my shower while being tackled by my own waddler and toddler that wanted to "shower" too, my daughter looked up at me and said,

"Mommy, your boobies are falling down." I replied, "Yes dear, they sure are." Both the kids then proceeded to sing "London Bridges Falling Down" while walking in a circle around me.

Oh the joys of Motherhood!


  1. LOL, sounds like something my kids would do/say too!

  2. Such.... DARLINGS, aren't they? Just... PRECIOUS. :)

  3. Hey Michelle!! I've been trying to get in touch with you~ Please call me!!!


  4. Hey Charlise! I just got your email, the art fair sounds perfect! Let me get Ava on a task and I'll give you a call here very shortly.

    Everyone else, Charlise is our seamstress! You dream it, she makes it!

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