Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Wish List

Let's talk presents!!! What is Santa leaving under your tree this year? How about a Red Ryder BB gun?

Little Man is going to be so excited this year. It's his first Christmas where he'll actually get to open presents. I heard through the grapevine that Santa is bringing a drum set. Santa has it in for me but I have to admit, I'm actually excited about it. Little Man LOVES music. Well, I've kind of forced him into it. I always imagined having babies that loved music like their Momma so since birth I've surrounded the kiddo's with it! Forming a musical band is a daily occurrence at our house. I think I have a prodigy on my hands with little man. He's good! You should see him with a harmonica. Santa's on a tight budget this year so I kindly did some research for him and found a toddler drum set for $20 at Wal-Mart. It's the complete set, even with a little stool to sit on. Can you imagine little man walking, make that tumbling, down the stairs Christmas morning to a drum set wrapped in a big bow.

Santa's also considering a train table for little man. Again, I assisted and took to doing my bargain hunting that I'm notorious for. Santa's lost without me I tell you. Found a ton on eBay. Found the most magnificent one of all as a matter of fact. It comes with over a 100 pieces of thrills and chills but the best part,'s all made on an espresso coffee table with pull out storage drawer. I'm getting goose bumps. Problem,'s way too expensive even on eBay. I noticed "this" seller had quite a few and I figured, way could this seller get so many and put up an investment like that. I started researching drop shippers that supply this table which led me to find it was actually a Kidkraft table. My mouth started to drool,...say kidkraft and I'm all in. Did more research and found where "this" seller was getting the goods. COSTCO!!! So I found it for way less and I managed to find a Costco coupon. Go ahead Santa, eat a big Christmas Eve dinner. You can afford it! My only hiccup is that I don't have a Costco membership and it cost $50 to get one. They want me to "join their club." I don't want to have to pay to be in a club. I only did that in high school when the braces, headgear, bionaters and retainers were holding me back. These days you should want me in your club because I am so witty and irresistible to be around. But my good girlfriend has one so,...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Baby girl wants a computer. What happened to a box of Crayola's??? A computer? Really? It's an obvious observation that Mommy spends way too much time on the computer. Maybe I should play outside with the kids more??? But where am I now,...on the computer. Baby girl is amazing at the computer. She's 4 and can get from one Internet page to the next and play every free online Disney game there is. I left Photoshop open the other day on my computer and I came into the office to find baby girl working it like a pro! She had chosen different brushes to paint with, brushes I didn't even know existed. She figured out how to open a new file and everything. It was quite impressive. So it looks like Santa is going to have to figure out how to get a desktop for baby girl. I told him to try Craig's List so we shall see. That's right, Santa's elves now shop on eBay and Craig's List.

Now where I need your help is a gift for hubby. What in the world do you ladies give your husbands????? Every year I try and every year I fail. Last year was my worst. I actually got him a diaper bag. Go ahead,...laugh away. It is pretty funny now looking back. I thought I could get him a manly diaper bag with all the necessities in it. He got me back by giving me a vacuum. No joke,..I got a vacuum. I already had a vacuum. That was a tough smile to fake!

So give me some ideas!!!!! I need them. I'd like to actually get him something that he would genuinely be excited about!!

What do I want? I want a leg lamp. Call me trashy. I still have a little bit of hillbilly left in me from my Arkansas days and I really want a leg lamp. I want the leg lamp to arrive to my house in a large pine box labeled fragile. I want to put it in my window for all to see in it's glory. Christmas isn't Christmas without a leg lamp.

What's on your wish list?


  1. Are you calling me a hillbilly?

    Ha! Just kidding. My husband and I don't exchange gifts at Christmas because it costs too much to buy gifts for everyone else! So, we save gift-giving time for Valentine's Day.

    Um, I couldn't list everything I want for Christmas here b/c there wouldn't be room left for anyone else to comment. Here is one of them: to get pregnant without surgery. That is what I want the most! Now, Santa, get on it!! So far, you aren't doing a very good job!! (Santa, not you)

  2. I have actually seen leg lamp replicas in a catalogue of mine. It has both a large and small version. (I'm not as gutsy as you and think the small one would still be a hoot, although maybe not in the front window...)

    Now about the hubby gift. Why not just ask him for some ideas? This should get you started. My husband is really into technology so anything techno works for him. (I had to laugh about the vacuum-I gave my husband a shop vac one year, and even though it is the masculine version, he had the same reaction as you! LOL :)

  3. Hey! I'm from Arkansas, and I have NEVER wanted a leg lamp! Ha! If you want to know what to get your husband, follow him around for a while. Shop with him. Watch him. Clues will abound.

  4. I just got a new truck for my birthday so there is nothing on my list right now. Santa has been good to me by bringing me a fiancee 3 years ago.

  5. I may be a bit of a freak, but I got a vacuum for my birthday and couldn't be happier about it, lol.

    I'm bad with husband presents too, but this year he wants an iPod touch. Desperately. His iPod is ancient and he wants a shiny new toy. He's also a big movie buff, so I may go with something related to that.

  6. Great finds!.......I'd love to get TigerBoy a kitchen for Christmas......
    Wish I could find a super deal on Plan Toys.......Love their stuff....

    I have absolutely no idea for you about your husband.......Have never needed to do man gifts......My fiance doesn't celebrate Christmas (he's from Cambodia) and is totally not into gifts.......
    Easy for me, but also means that I usually never get anything from him......
    If I could put up a wish list .......I think one thing I want most would be a DSLR camera....

  7. Is he into sports? My hubbys bday is close to Christmas and I usually ebay some local sports tickets (they are usually from people's season tickets for games they cannot attend). Sometimes they are good seats and sometimes not but he always has a good time!

  8. My kids want everything that comes on the tv, but I'm so tired of painstakingly picking out a toy that's discarded after about 10 minutes...argh. So, this year we bought a wii for the kids. Hopefully they'll like that. Santa still isn't sure what he's bringing...your Santa sounds way better than our Santa! :)

    My husband is impossible to shop for, although he'd deny it. Usually, because we're poor, we skip gifts for each other, but this year, since I forgot his birthday, I wanted to surprise him with something. I've been searching ebay for firefighter related things. So far, I'm coming up empty handed. The perfect gift has to be out there somewhere!

    Good luck in your search! :)